Coles Books News, Edition 49 – 21st November 2020

The cards which this year is dealing make for an odd hand, add in policy which makes it difficult to know which game you’re playing – is it poker, whist or just plain snap – and you have the classic gambler’s conundrum, do you stick or twist? Bookselling by its very nature is for the curious, and in this age of stiff competition from the lightly taxed, it means, regardless of the hand we’re dealt, we’re more inclined to twist – it keeps us on the front foot, keeps us curious.

It’s rather strange, but for a shop which is closed, we’ve been unbelievably busy – and for that we thank each and every one of you – without you, there wouldn’t be us. The phone calls and emails and visits to our order collection counter have stretched us (and our packaging supplier!) like never before – who would have thought that a global pandemic of catastrophic proportions would lead to a re-discovery of the simplest of pleasures – the reading of a book.

Coles Books News, Edition 48 – 14th November 2020

That’s the thing with a new boiler – you immediately notice the whisper quiet, efficient performance, it seems to kick out more heat than the old one, looks better and you wonder why you didn’t change it years ago. The only tricky bit is figuring out how the timer works – that’s way more complicated than before!

And so it is with websites.

Coles Books News, Edition 31 – 18th July 2020

This week it’s been about idling, or rather the desire to do nothing – the reality has been quite different, the busy-ness of business is all consuming, but the prospect of a little idleness is like a beacon on the horizon, a mirage of shimmering light, an oasis in a parched landscape – the attraction of an idle moment is in its elusiveness.

Coles Books News, Edition 30 – 11th July 2020

There is a wonderful phrase in business which we learned in the early days of striking out on our own – ‘if you see a band-wagon, it’s too late’ – in other words, don’t copy what others do, for you will be too slow, the opportunity will have come and gone. Better to have the strength of your own convictions to set out and follow your own path. Sure, sometimes the toast gets dropped, and you might need to revise and re-work the idea, sometimes you might need to get a wriggle on to deal with the opportunity which comes out of the blue, but being small and nimble at times like these is a blessing. Treat every day like a school day, set out to learn something new, ask questions, experience something different, share those experiences with those around you who are equally curious. The cool kids always sat at the back of the bus, but the best view was always at the front.

Coles Books News, Edition 28 – 27th June 2020

Bicester is quite the opposite of our bigger and more refined sibling Oxford

One sock rolled down, grass stains on knees, school tie knotted around the forehead, cheeky smile, late home for our tea – Bicester is quite the opposite of our bigger and more refined sibling Oxford just down the road – all tweed jacket, fine architecture and culture on tap, couldn’t be more different to the ‘take it & love it as you find it’ character in this part of the county.