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November 2023 – Coles Book Club – ‘The End of Us’ by Olivia Kiernan

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November 2023 – Coles Book Club

Thursday 23rd November 2023 @ 7pm
Olivia Kiernan – “The End of Us”

The Coles Book Club – an opportunity to read the book and then join us to meet the author Olivia Kiernan for an evening of chat and, of course, a glass of wine, at Coles with your fellow readers. The book you buy from Coles becomes your ticket for the evening – click on the book cover below to buy your book online and we’ll post it to you, or call in at the Shop and pick up a copy.

Myles and Lana Butler live on a gorgeous new development in Wimbledon, leaning on a mortgage that is just within reach. When one of Myles’ investments fails they are bound to lose everything.

Gabriel and Holly Wright have just moved in next door. The Wrights are sophisticated, ambitious and apparently very wealthy. At an after-dinner drink with their new neighbours, Myles and Lana share their worries and a solution is suggested between the couples. Life Insurance fraud. For a cut of the pay out, the Wrights would help them.

No one thought they were being serious. No one agreed they’d actually go through with it. And no one mentioned it would involve murder.

Then, one night, Lana doesn’t come home.

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