“What About Me?” Said the Flea

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Friday 3rd September – this week Amber is reading “What About Me?” Said the Flea by Lily Murray & Richard Merritt

When a little girl sits down at her desk one day to write a story, she struggles to find her inspiration …

Luckily for her there’s a whole host of potential picture-book characters who want to be the star of her story and make their cases convincingly. There’s the magical, proud unicorn with sparkly hooves and a glittery horn. There are the big, burly bears hosting a picnic, the loveable llamas in pyjamas, the stylish sloth, the lion, the penguins, and even a roar-some, claw-some dinosaur …

But, unnoticed by the little girl, an even littler flea is hopping and jumping around, hoping to be the one she chooses to write a story about. “What about me?” it cries.

With all the big characters and commotion, will the flea ever be noticed?